Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring has finally Sprung!

It has been a few days (okay more like months) since I have posted! I decided to once again start a daily/weekly blog of life. Now that Talon is almost 1 years old I really need to start being more proactive about blogging and recording what we do each day.

Life has been crazy and fun for the past however many months! Talon has changed a lot, all of the boys have, we have moved and we will be moving again very soon. Hopefully we find somewhere more permanent this time.

I could go on and on about all new things that have happened. Moving, family, babies (not mine) and Talon's new allergies, but I think I just want to start from today and move forward.

So like I said Talon has some new allergies. Latex, wheat, casein, dairy, eggs. We switched him to soy milk and he is growing and getting some fat on him! However, one thing I am super excited about is the cloth diapers. Because he is allergic to latex we switched him over to cloth diapers.
I am in LOVE with them! The laundry doesn't bug me, the patterns are cute and he can actually wear pants that fit him! I also am in love with all the fun things you can buy to go with your cloth diapers! I love love love My Little Legs  leggings! They are so cute and I love that I can put him in a diaper and t-shirt with these leggings and call him dressed!

Like I said I am loving the cloth diapering!

I am also loving that we have to eat differently around here! We have been trying to cut out all the gluten and sugar foods from our daily diet. It has been hard, but we are slowly working on it. I want to be able to be gluten free by the time Talon turns one and really starts eating what we eat.
So if anyone has any amazing gluten free (and casein and dairy and egg) let me know!