Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Movie Day!!

Today was another one of those days when the husband comes home, looks around and wonders just exactly what has been done.

We started the day out with a sick little guy running a fever and two others whining to play games instead of cleaning. By lunch time I was pretty much just done with the day. So of course that is when I decided today was a movie day!

Mayme, my sister who is fifteen, invited her fun and darling friend, Kaelin, over to have a "High School Musical" party!

Yep you read that right. We bought some snacks, popped some popcorn and vegged on the couch watching High School Musical and High School Musical: 2.

Now normally I am not in to the teen-bopper, horrible acting, horrendous choreography, type movies, but I admit I really like High School Musical. The movies bring back those whimsical memories of thinking that everything in life came easy and as long as you had friends nothing else in the world mattered. The dreams of what true love really is and the fantasy that your life will be just like the Troy's and Gabriella's.

Along with High School Musical, and a million Diego's, we watched Tangled.

Oh my! I love Tangled. The story for me is humorous, the songs enchanting, and that Finn Ryder is C-U-T-E. Yes I have a weird obsession with the way animated characters look. I remember as a little girl being in LOVE with Dimitri from Anastasia. He was so real looking and appealing to my younger self. Finn Ryder has officially replaced Dimitri.

While watching Tangled I started having this weird feeling that I knew Mother Gothel. It wasn't until I watched Tangled a second time that I realized she has a strong resemblence to someone I know in both physical features and attitude.
Some of you may know who I am talking about when you see the following picture.

And if that were not enough for you, her attitude and the way she talks is a 100 percent replica. Watch the movie, I know you will agree with me.

So all in all today was a day that nothing got accomplished, but some much needed relaxation and cuddle time.

Oh and for the record, yes I did have to stop the movie once to clean up a puke mess. That just goes with the territory of being a mom!

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  1. So sorry your little one was sick, but clearly you know how to combat a yucky day. My own dear hubby knows better than to wonder what's going on when he walks into a trashed house. Glad you have that cute Mayme there with you. What a great sister. Let me know if you need anything.