Monday, August 15, 2011

Do you want to win the iPad2 or $500 paypal cash??

If you watch her show on Ustream you know that Shari Criso is energetic, caring and full of such great information that you might not be able to get anywhere else. Shari has done an amazing job educating new and old moms about the importance of breastfeeding, natural products for your child and staying healthy.
Her DVD, Simply Breastfeeding, has helped moms who have worried about or struggled with breastfeeding get over their fears and have a wonderful breastfeeding relationship with their children.

I purchased Shari's DVD in May of this year and it helped me get past the many obstacles I faced with breastfeeding. From proper latch to overcoming my fear of nursing in public.

Shari has helped so many people and now she is going above and beyond again.

In honor of having so many new fans, Shari has decided to kick off a fan contest!
That's right! Shari is going to pick one winner to give an iPad2 OR $500!!

Check out Shari's contest page at My Baby Experts and enter for your chance to win!!

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